Edge to Edge : a  repeating pattern that is done in rows from top to bottom.  (Many patterns to choose from!!!)  

From  $4.70 per square ft.        

Stippling/Freeform: These styles are more casual, usually meandering over the quilt to add texture and interest to your quilt. From: $4.70 sq.ft

Custom quilting:  freehand quilting designs to suit and enhance the quilt top.    From $9.00 sq. ft. 

Stitch in the Ditch/Outline:  This is the slowest type of stitching as the stitching is done as close as possible into the seams of the quilt blocks.      From $8.00 sq. ft.  

Preparation charge eg. where the backing needs joining, or where I have to "prepare" quilt top and/or backing in order to get it loaded onto the machine.        $25.00    

Minimum charge for bed quilts  $80     Small cot quilts and wall hangings quoted individually.

​​    Note that these are guidelines are only for best results, however, I do not expect every quilt to be perfect in every way and 

perfectly squared!  

   Neat quilting can be achieved if the quilt top and backing are straight to begin with.  Always cut  Fabric on the straight grain to ensure a straight edge.

Do not baste or pin your quilt together.

   Fullness and puckers pieced into the quilt top cannot necessarily be quilted out. I will do my best, but quilt tops with these problems may still be evident after quilting is completed.

   Trim all loose threads on the back of the quilt. Press the backing seams open to reduce bulk.   Remove all selvedges on backing seams.

Note that the quilting process will shrink the quilt slightly from its original unquilted size

   Quilts with a pieced border should be finished with a row of “stay-stitching” around the edge.  This will prevent seams pulling apart during the quilting process. 

   Borders on a quilt should be straight and even.  To avoid uneven borders and prevent fullness around the edge of your quilt, be sure to measure the quilt through the center and cut borders to size.  If you aren’t sure about adding borders to your quilt, I am happy to advise. 

   Make sure all seams are well pressed. Press the backing seams open to reduce bulk. 

If supplying your own backing this must be approximately 8" wider and longer than your quilt top

   If your quilt top is not squared, it will be quilted how it is received and therefore you may prefer to make your final borders wider so you can square them if required after it has been quilted.



Preparation Guidelines